Whilst road tripping around Canada we all knew that prior to the trip that we would become tired from walking and travelling. Therefore pavilion became the perfect stop between two distant destinations. Even though there is nothing around for miles, the calm water is incredibly relaxing accompanied by lush green hills. The house we rented also came with a kayak, a couple of stand up boards and other random floats. Staying at pavilion was the perfect break and gave us time to rest and recuperate.





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Elk Falls Provincial Park

If you’re scared of heights this definitely isn’t the ideal day out for you! Elk falls, situated on Vancouver Island, has a breathtaking waterfall, suspension bridge and beautiful pathways. I recommend saving this trip for a rainy day as the colours come across as even more vibrant and beautiful (plus there are less people hehe). The pictures below don’t do this location any justice what so ever but it’s definitely one to tick off your bucket list.

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Pit Stops

When travelling I believe that some of the best moments are unplanned and spontaneous for example, pit stops. When travelling for long periods of time on the road or wherever I think it’s important to appreciate the more random moments. I found that some of the best views came from taking breaks and stopping off at unscheduled places. Therefore I recommend expecting the unexpected and by just seeing where certain paths and stops may take you.

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Whale Watching in Vancouver Island

Whale Watching in Canada, Vancouver Island, is something I would recommend highly to anyone thinking of booking a holiday over there. The experience was 3-4 hours long and not only did we see Orcas we also saw seals, sea lions, porpoises and an otter and depending on what time of day you go or how lucky you are you may also see humpback whales! The surrounding mountains are breath taking and although it was a lil bit pricey it was an incredible experience!

Book a tour!:

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Lake Louise

Undoubtedly, Lake Louise is one of the most gorgeous spots I’ve ever been to. If you ever travel to Canada or are stuck on what to do and where to go or are considering visiting I would certainly put Lake Louise on your check list. The views and scenery are absolutely breath taking and stunning. With there being a restaurant you can buy lunch, even dinner, and therefore spend the entire day just soaking up the views.

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Canada Road Trip!

After various debates and discussions as to where out next holiday should be me and my family decided to travel further a field to Canada. Whats even better is that we decided to make a road trip out of it and not just stay in one place. With the help of AirBnB we picked an array of rentals from Vancouver to Kelowna to Deep Cove to Vancouver Island. The experience was so worth it, however expensive it was eek.

Our first location was Vancouver and our house was perfectly placed upon a hill overlooking the city. After arriving late at night and taking a well deserved rest we headed out the next morning to the city, had brunch and took a walk around the gorgeous Stanley Park (I highly recommend visiting!).

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After a couple of days in Vancouver we headed over to Kelowna and then Golden. In Golden we witnessed the most incredible low lying clouds floating across the mountains. Following a variety of gorgeous pit stops we travelled on to next visit Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. The water was indisputably clear and a captivating turquoise. You are able to walk around the side of each lake and even though they may take a while its so worth it!

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 17.10.01
The most incredible pit stop!


Following a buys few days we took a break and stopped at Pavilion (basically a massive lake). We borrowed kayaks and stand up boards (from the owner of the house) and spent two days chilling.


After recuperating we travelled on down to Deep Cove and then took a ferry to Vancouver Island the next day. Something we all definitely wanted to see was whales so we paid big bucks and spent four hours on a boat in search of the creatures. Unlike the two earlier boat rides we were lucky enough to actually find Orcas amongst other creatures such as porpoises, seals, sea lions and an otter.

SONY DSCScreen Shot 2017-03-06 at 17.13.45

During our final days we took a couple of walks around some less appreciated  locations such as Lynn Valley and Elk Falls Provincial Park. The views were amazing especially from the suspension bridge in Elk Falls.

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8 Tips for Travelling Long Haul

Welcome to my first post. To start off my new travel blog here are 9 tips for long haul flights. Follow these and you’re sure to have a comfy and not so gruelling flight!

1-Comfy Clothing: I recommend wearing layers of light and baggy clothing as long haul flights can often become stuffy and warm. As well as obviously wanting to be comfortable and relaxed.

2-Headphones: If you decide you want some time out from the people surrounding you, download music or podcasts on your phone before your flight to help pass the time.

3-Neck Pillow: Usually on long haul flights you are provided with pillows and blankets however I wouldn’t pass these off as comfortable. I recommend bringing a neck pillow with you that you can attach to your carry on

4-Portable Charger: A portable charge is crucial if you plan on spending most of your flight on a phone or computer. They’re inexpensive and can be bought from most online sites such as eBay and Amazon.

5-Entertainment: Probably one of the most important things to do on a long haul flight to not feel bored and irritated is finding the best entertainment whether that be music, movie downloads, a book or podcasts. Just make sure you have enough minutes of entertainment to last the entire flight.

6-Stay Hydrated: It’s important to make sure you top up on water constantly because, as I mentioned earlier, flights tend to get quite stuffy and since you aren’t moving about you won’t realise you’re lacking fluids and you don’t want to end up walking off the plane feeling light headed.

7-Seating: Booking early is beneficial if you want to ensure you get the perfect window seat and don’t end up wedge between two strangers.

8-Snacks: Definitely don’t rely on the flight having tasty snacks. Make sure you bring your own snacks like packets of hula hoops, chocolate or granola bars.

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