8 Tips for Travelling Long Haul

Welcome to my first post. To start off my new travel blog here are 9 tips for long haul flights. Follow these and you’re sure to have a comfy and not so gruelling flight!

1-Comfy Clothing: I recommend wearing layers of light and baggy clothing as long haul flights can often become stuffy and warm. As well as obviously wanting to be comfortable and relaxed.

2-Headphones: If you decide you want some time out from the people surrounding you, download music or podcasts on your phone before your flight to help pass the time.

3-Neck Pillow: Usually on long haul flights you are provided with pillows and blankets however I wouldn’t pass these off as comfortable. I recommend bringing a neck pillow with you that you can attach to your carry on

4-Portable Charger: A portable charge is crucial if you plan on spending most of your flight on a phone or computer. They’re inexpensive and can be bought from most online sites such as eBay and Amazon.

5-Entertainment: Probably one of the most important things to do on a long haul flight to not feel bored and irritated is finding the best entertainment whether that be music, movie downloads, a book or podcasts. Just make sure you have enough minutes of entertainment to last the entire flight.

6-Stay Hydrated: It’s important to make sure you top up on water constantly because, as I mentioned earlier, flights tend to get quite stuffy and since you aren’t moving about you won’t realise you’re lacking fluids and you don’t want to end up walking off the plane feeling light headed.

7-Seating: Booking early is beneficial if you want to ensure you get the perfect window seat and don’t end up wedge between two strangers.

8-Snacks: Definitely don’t rely on the flight having tasty snacks. Make sure you bring your own snacks like packets of hula hoops, chocolate or granola bars.

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  1. I like your tips. I recently began to develop a post I call Travel Tips – General, which is on my blog – pearlsnmblog.wordpress.com. The first tip I have started with is one that relates to how you can include an extended stopover on your air itinerary, either coming or going, without paying any extra fare. That allows you to visit a city where the plane stops on its way to or from the final destination, and stay there for a number of days, before continuing on. In my experience, not a lot of people are aware of that option.


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