Festival Essentials

Considering its just under a month until Reading and Leeds festival, now seems like the perfect time to list my top ten festival essentials. Bear in mind that a few of these essentials depend on what kind of weather you will experience.
1) Toilet Roll
Probably the most underrated essential is toilet roll. Don’t be embarrassed if you end up having to walk passed numerous tents clutching onto an entire roll of toilet paper because, trust me, everyone watching probably forgot to bring their own.
2) Reusable Bottle
Reusable bottles can be incredibly useful as it means you don’t have to spend a fortune on more drinks as festival beverages can be quite expensive sometimes.
3) Sun Cream + Protection
 Its important not to forget your health whilst out watching sets and bands and to be aware of the weather and how hot it may become in the day so be sure you pack plenty of sun cream and a hat.
4) Wellies
With the (British) weather being so unpredictable wellies are a must have especially for when the floor pretty much turns into a swamp from all the rain that appears out of nowhere.
5) ID + Money
If you’re planning on  buying alcohol whilst you’re at your chosen festival then you most definitely need your ID with you no matter how old you look. In addition to this, money is a must just in case you don’t have enough food, maybe you need another jumper or if something happens to your tent.
6) Deodorant
Personal hygiene tends to be put on a back seat when it comes to festivals but I highly recommend taking deodorant with you just for your own personal satisfaction so oder becomes one less thing to worry about.
7) Raincoat
Taking a raincoat is a definite even if its an old worn one as saving your clothes from getting drenched is way better than having to buy new ones because the ones you soaked won’t dry quick enough.
8) Portable Charger
At most festivals you can buy a portable charger for a hefty price but I recommend bringing your own because they’re usually a lot cheaper to buy online and you don’t have to worry about it when your at the festival.
9) Spare Socks
If it does end up raining at your festival then you’re going to want to be sure you have enough socks to keep your feet nice and warm. I recommend knee high socks if your wearing wellies as you can tuck things in to them suck as your phone or money.
10) Inflatable Bed Gear
This last essential is more down to personal choice but if you find it hard to sleep when camping you could invest in an inflatable mattress or pillow as its convenient to carry.

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