If you’ve been keeping up with my previous posts you’ll have seen that I recently travelled to Venice for a week. Heres a break down of what I got up to every day with links to some earlier blog posts that include a little bit more information about each activity.

Day One: Parco San Giuliano, boat ride

After spending the evening before travelling and getting settled in my hotel, I decided to take the first day easy and headed on over to San Giuliano Park where I had lunch and sat by the waters edge looking over at Venice. I then took a short boat ride with my friend and one of the locals and explored the bay area a little while.



Day Two: St Marks Square + Parco delle Rimembranze

Since it was my first time in Venice, I thought it’d be good to see the most popular spot, St Marks Basilica. The square was bustling with tourists and since it was a hot day, it seemed as though everyone was out for the day. I wandered around the area for a little bit admiring the architecture and design of the variety of buildings around the square. After sauntering around I then headed on up to Parco delle Rimembranze which faces the island of Lido and just sat in the sun for a couple hours.







Day Three: Rialto Bridge + Bridge of Sighs

We spent most of the day just wandering around nearby St Marks Square but first headed over to the Bridge of Sighs. Whilst you wouldn’t spend longer than 5-10 minutes here, it’s definitely a must see. Another hotspot in Venice is Rialto Bridge which attracts lots of people looking for a picture perfect backdrop. Since it was so busy I couldn’t get a picture of myself on the bridge so I headed on down the canal to get the bridge in the background which I think in retrospect was a great idea since you can actually see the bridge in the image now! The best time to see the bridge in my opinion is at sunset since the buildings look as though they’re glowing in the background.

Rialto Bridge
Bridge of Sighs

Day Four: Wandering

I spent the day just wandering aimlessly around the main areas in Venice such as the bridges and St Marks Square. I also spent a lot of the day going around the different shops they have, one of the main ones being masks. Mask making is something Venice is famous for and there is also an annual festival whereby locals put on masks and ‘dress up’.

Grand Canal

Day Five: Santa Maria Della Salute

A short walk from Piazzale Roma, the Salute sits on the waters edge and is a great place to just sit in peace and enjoy Venice from the other side of the canal. You can also see St Marks Square on the other side and a few of the other islands surrounding Venice.



Day Six: Murano + Sunset

For my last day I headed on over to Murano, a nearby island, and spent a few hours wandering around the colourful streets and exploring the glass making shops. I headed back on over to Venice about an hour before sunset and spent a while capturing a few shots of the Salute in the sunset.




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