Pit Stops : Scotland

One of the best parts about long car journeys is the pit stops along the way at random beautiful locations. These are some shots from our drive up to Fort William!


Glenfinnan : Scotland

A spot famous for its feature in Harry Potter, the Glenfinnan viaduct sits tucked away in the mountains opposite Loch Shiel. If you get the time of day correct you may even be able to sit above the train line and watch the train pass. There are plenty of spots you can view the viaduct... Continue Reading →

Ben Nevis : Scotland

After a 10 minute cable car journey to the top, we took a walk around the mountain instead of up. Due to the time of year, the mountain was pretty sparse from a lack of snow and none of the ski lifts were in action. For me, it was perfect. I was able to capture... Continue Reading →

Things To Do in Valencia

Heres a list with a few links to several places you can visit in Valencia! 1) Bioparc 2) City of Arts and Science 3) L’oceanografic  4) Museums 5) Beach and Bars 6) Botanical Garden 7) Visit the Old Town

City of Arts and Sciences

A far cry from Valencias usual architecture, the city of arts and sciences is a world of its own. There are various buildings within the complex including the Hemisferic, L’oceanografic and L’Umbracle. The buildings are striking next to the gardens and if you’re interested, you can also go zorbing! Whilst it isn’t necessarily a day... Continue Reading →

L’Oceanografic : Valencia

TThe largest aquarium in Europe, L’Oceanografic is host to a myriad of species from all across the world. Among the species are beluga whales, jellyfish, penguins, manta rays, dolphins etc. The aquarium is structured into different sections such as mediterranean, the arctic, topical islands and more. The cost to get in is around $30 and... Continue Reading →

Bioparc : Valencia

Valencia’s Bioparc zoo has an immersive design whereby you are constantly surrounded by the animals and habitats. Some of the species are grouped together and there are numerous environments that have been recreated such as Madagascar, Savannah and the Wetlands. Because the zoo is so large it’s perfect for a day out and close to... Continue Reading →

Zante : Brief Club Reviews

google8b2cd0bd8de51995.html If you’ve never been to Zante before heres a brief review of some of the most popular clubs in Zante. We didn’t end up going to that many clubs as we found our favourites and ended up sticking to them most nights. Cherry Bay: Out of all the clubs we went to, Cherry Bay... Continue Reading →


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